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These organizations use Belmap for location-insights :


Flawless address managementRetrieve your addresses from one quality source

Are you too struggling with your customers addresses ? The Belmap address information is the most extensive and highest quality reference for addresses in Belgium.

Belmap allows you not only to simplify your address management, but also enhances its quality. Thanks to the automatic updates, you will always be working with the most recent available data.

This allows you to use Belmap to :

  • deliver invoices and print materials to the correct address
  • enhance the productivity of technical intervention teams
  • plan your logistics more efficiently
  • make marketing analyses based on reliable location data
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Geomarketing and prospectionMaking your marketing efforts more targeted

Want to spend your marketing budget in the most efficient way ? To achieve this, it is wise to use reliable data about your target audience. The characteristics of houses and their surroundings reveal a lot about the buying- and living pattern of the residents.

Marketing professionals use Belmap to :

  • find out where their (potential) customers live, work and shop
  • prospect in a targeted way, based on the characteristics of buildings and locations
  • plan media campaigns that take the characteristics of the surroundings and residents into account
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Utility companiesOptimal address management for a better network

Precise address- and location information is key for a good network management. Belmap supports utility companies in the strategic, operational and commercial management of their net work.

Utility companies use Belmap to :

  • calculate the number of connections and the coverage
  • analyse which future network expansions will be necessary
  • estimate the risks and impact of outages
  • execute smart grid analyses
  • allow maintenance teams to work more efficiently
  • make their marketingcampaigns more targeted
  • deliver their invoices and correspondence swiftly to the right addresses
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InsuranceSmart risk-analysis and prospection

Digitalize successfully ? Smart location data will give you that extra push to detect risks, related to locations and buildings, faster and more efficiently.

Insurance companies use Belmap to :

  • estimate building-specific risks faster: what is the function of the surrounding buildings ? How high is the building ? How many (other) residents are there ? Is the surrounding safe ? Is there a risk of flooding ?
  • map cumulative risks in a certain area
  • make online simulations for new insurance policies faster, more precisely and more succesfully

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TelecommunicationUsing your network in an optimal way

With Belmap, you acquire a virtual 3D maquette of Belgium, which allows you to use your fixed and mobile networks in an optimal way.

Telecom players use Belmap to :

  • make line of sight analyses for mobile networks. Thanks to the 3D data in Belmap, physical obstacles for wireless signals can be detected throughout the country
  • research which customers qualify to connect to a ‘point of presence’. Additionally, its potential can be estimated based on the capacity of a building or office complex
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RetailDetermine the ideal location for your business

Looking for a new location for your business ? It is important to base this decision on reliable data on the potential location, the surrounding, your targeted audience and – more importantly – mobility.

Retailers use Belmap to :

  • make a surrounding area analysis of potential locations
  • very precisely analyse the traffic and mobility in and to these (potential) new locations
  • clearly map the area of service of a location (the radius area wherein your targeted audience is found)
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