Belmap API

Do almost anything with location data

With the Belmap API, you can seamlessly connect your applications to powerful services that provide fast and secure access to high-quality location data in Belmap.

Make advanced selections based on dozens of location parameters, uncover all the details on a building or parcel, or keep your address database permanently up-to-date. The Belmap API does the job in no time and fully automatically.


Answer any location question in a flash

With the "Query me" service, you can use Belmap's wealth of location parameters to answer any question about locations in the Benelux.

As such, you can get answers to questions such as:

  • How many addresses does a certain street or neighbourhood have?
  • Which public buildings in the Benelux are not equipped with solar panels?
  • How many inhabitants live within a 10 kilometre radius of a chemical production plant?
  • Which parcels in a certain street have a front garden larger than 25 m2

Would you like a customised solution? No problem! From retrieving the number of objects that meet your criteria to details of all individual objects, you will always get what you're looking for. 

Reveal every detail about a location

With the "Reveal Location" service, your application conjures up all available information about a single address, building or cadastral parcel in no time.

This provides you with clear location insights for requests such as:

  • Automatically estimate the risks of home insurance by revealing the characteristics of a new property;
  • Determine the cost of a new fibre home connection by identifying the presence of a front garden and its pervious or impervious surface;
  • Assessing the suitability of installing a private electric vehicle charging station within a building by revealing details such as building type, roof type and orientation, the presence of solar panels, household characteristics and front garden surface.

Put order in your address management

Do you use multiple sources for address management within your organisation? Are you struggling with duplicate addresses, municipal mergers, translations or outdated street names? Belmap's “Unified Address service makes this a thing of the past. Connect your applications to the most complete reference address database and enjoy consistent and up-to-date addresses including useful features such as:

  • Autocompletion: automatic address suggestion when typing an address;
  • Normalisation: correct spelling and translation to an existing and standardised address;
  • Geocoding: assign a coordinate to each address;
  • Reverse geocoding: assign an address to a coordinate.

No-hassle data access

Seamlessly integrated into your applications

The Belmap API creates an easily accessible interface between your system and the Belmap data. As such, you can easily request location data and integrate it into your applications. Once the connection is established, you can benefit from qualitative data forever, and fully automatically.

Fast and easy

Using the Belmap API takes away all the hassle of managing data. You can simply request the information anywhere and whenever you need it, so you always have access to the most accurate and up-to-date information. Customers use it to support their digital transformation, to perform on-site interventions and field surveys and to ensure flawless logistics. 

Safe and flexible

Communication with the Belmap API takes place by means of a secure connection. In addition, GIM takes care of the complete management of the backend and adjusts the capacity of the service according to your needs.

The Belmap API comes with an API developer portal (Open API based) containing technical documentation required to understand, test and experiment with all the functionalities of the API services. 


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