Banking & Insurance

Digitize your property assessment

Digitize your risk detection and assessment

A property’s characteristics, location and surroundings largely determine its insurance risk. With Belmap, you have quick and easy access to all relevant data about buildings, addresses and parcels. 

Belmap’s AI-driven data collection and continuous data integration mean you can rely on the most recent and high-quality information available.

Automated Valuation Model for real estate

Since 2022, banks are allowed to carry out property valuations for mortgages by means of an automated valuation model (AVM).

That is why ImmoParse has developed an EBA-compliant AVM model. It uses high-quality property data from Belmap to generate property valuations, including the market value and a reliability indicator. The end result: a clear and transparent report, automatically signed by an accredited surveyor.

Property insurance

Boost your customers’ online experience

Right from the point of typing the address when calculating an online home insurance quote, a flawless customer experience is crucial. No need to ask too many questions to the customer. At the same time, you want to be sure that all risks are known and covered.

That is why insurers connect their website with data from Belmap. Thanks to the use of artificial intelligence and continuous updates, insurers always process the most recently available information about all properties in Belgium, The Netherlands and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

Do the digital reality check

Insurance company staff, brokers and customers are entitled to a true picture of reality.

The Belmap 3D viewer enables them to assess the real implantation of a property and its outbuildings.

This digital reality check offers a reliable picture of the volume and the urban context of every property in Belgium, the Netherlands and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

Get unmatched insights from your portfolio

Portfolios of insurance companies typically contain thousands of properties.

By enhancing them with detailed information on risk-related characteristics – such as volume, building type, flood risk, period of construction, presence of solar panels and distance from neighboring buildings – Belmap provides actuaries with a wealth of relevant information to identify accumulation of certain risks in a specific area.

Risk modelling

Calculate the impact of disasters - before or after they happen

Large-scale floods, terrorist attacks, plane crashes. Although they happen very rarely, their impact is enormous, both for victims, governments and insurers.

Belmap data is used by insurers to map the potential impact and financial consequences of such disasters.

Commercial and industrial property assessment

Virtualize your on-site inspections

On-site property inspections are expensive and very time consuming. Fortunately, high quality location data and 3D building information come to the rescue.

Brokers and companies can access Belmap data through a web portal and make more efficient and objective risk evaluations while limiting costs of on-site inspections.

Visualize fine-grained and accurate property data

Brokers and insurance companies can access Belmap data through the Belmap 360 Risk portal. Here, all data on potential risks are collected through one interface. Visualize the characteristics of each property, discover the activities taking place there and in its surroundings, and analyze the risks associated with the environment.

Draw conclusions with confidence

Thanks to its comprehensive analysis capabilities, you get precise and reliable insights for assessing the risks associated with commercial and industrial business activities. Moreover, Belmap 360 is also a valuable tool for ESG reporting and sustainability analysis.

Master address management

Take care of customers, not addresses

Even though essential as a means of ensuring that your customer service, delivery, sales, marketing and logistics run smoothly, address management is often a real puzzle. Addresses are constantly changing, so an error can soon slip into your database and you may even have a variety of data sources in all sorts of formats.

Belmap integrates detailed address data from different sources on a daily basis. Plug your applications into Belmap and you will have reliable address data for Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg at your fingertips at all times. Up to date, complete and accurate.

Make our data work for you

and digitize your risk assessment

The most complete
property data source
in the Benelux

daily updates

Stable identifier
for every property

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How insurers digitize their risk assessment with Belmap

Aon gives more accurate advice to customers by using detailed building information

Reinsurance broker Aon analyses the risk of natural disasters for its clients. To this end, address and building information from Belmap is used to enrich the client data so modelling can be done more accurately.

How a major home insurer is refining its risk analysis with geodata from Belmap.

A large insurance group insures homes in the Benelux. To do so, they need a reliable geodata solution that, in addition to comprehensive and qualitative data, also guarantees smooth integration with their existing platform.


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