Marketing and prospection

Who are your customers? How do they live, work and shop?

Target your customers in the right way

Who are your customers and what motivates them? Where do they live? Do your retail outlets cover your entire market? And which regions are best served with e-commerce?

Combined with customer data, geographical data reveal relevant patterns, trends and links that allow your marketing and sales teams to figure out their customers properly. So you can approach and target your customers in the right way.

Smart profiling and prospecting with location data

Accurate and precise location data from Belmap are a valuable source of insights for marketers. Think of the type of buildings, the presence of a garden, a swimming pool or solar panels.

Thanks to this information, you can:

  • draw up a clear profile of your target group,
  • determine the potential in a certain region
  • run more efficient marketing campaigns.

Moreover, it provides indispensable insights into the performance and geographical spread of retail networks.


“Nett always acts on data, making Belmap the perfect source”

To identify available rooftops for solar panels, green-energy supplier Nett chose Belmap as its new data source and GIM as a reliable data partner.


Smart prospecting thanks to precise plot information.

Thanks to Belmap, a natural gas tank supplier knows what none of its competitors know: which plots of land in Belgium are suitable for installing tanks? 



All Belgian households in 15 profiles

Targeted marketing, more conversion, better service ... the advantages of customer segmentation are widely known.

Hence the reason for GeoType: 15 consumer profiles that give you unique insights into every Belgian household. Up-to-date, reliable and instantly usable.

GeoType gives organizations insight into consumers’ stage of life, income, living environment, housing and family composition. It is an indispensable tool for a wide range of applications.

Master Address Management

Take care of customers, not addresses

Even though essential as a means of ensuring that your customer service, delivery, sales, marketing and logistics run smoothly, address management is often a real puzzle. Addresses are constantly changing, so an error can soon slip into your database and you may even have a variety of data sources in all sorts of formats.

Belmap integrates detailed address data from different sources on a daily basis. Plug your applications into Belmap and you will have reliable address data for Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg at your fingertips at all times. Up to date, complete and accurate.

Are your ready to embrace reality?


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